Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs – Sydney’s eastern suburbs are famous for their beaches, but unfortunately most beaches are not dog-friendly. For starters, not all beaches in the Waverley and Randwick council area are off limits to dogs, even on leashes.

However, Woollahra Council has several harbor beaches that allow dogs, with plans to increase the number, as well as another beach on the edge of the area at Botany Bay. Find out more about dog-friendly beaches in Sydney’s eastern suburbs…

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous beaches in Sydney and across Australia, with many locals and visitors flocking to the beach on sunny days.

Best Dog Friendly Beaches In And Around Sydney

Unfortunately, the sand and water at Bondi Beach is strictly off limits for dogs. However, as long as dogs are on a lead they are allowed to join you for walks past Bondi Beach and in the park.

Another popular beach in the Eastern Suburbs is Coogee Beach, south of Bondi. However, unlike Bondi, dogs are not allowed on the sand or in the water at Coogee Beach.

You can still visit the park behind Coogee Beach with your dog on a leash and go for a walk. Every time I visit there are always some dogs!

I often visit Coogee Beach with my dog ​​and follow the paths north and south of the beach. Leashed dogs can join the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk and the South Coogee Beach Walk.

Great Dog Beaches To Visit In The U.s

Woollahra Council is now proposing to increase the number of off-leash areas in the council area, including off-leash beaches – an exciting development for dog owners!

If the proposal goes ahead, Rose Bay Park and Kutty Beach will be changed from off-leash dog beaches to off-leash beaches. In addition, Watson Bay will have two new dead dog beaches: Gibson Beach and Robertson Beach.

There has been no update since the end of the public exhibition period, not to mention when a decision will be made. It looks like nothing will happen in 2023, but hopefully a decision will be made in 2024.

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

The most popular dog beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is Rose Bay Dog Beach, also known as Rose Bay Foreshore.

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Dead Dog Beach is located on the edge of the harbor at Rose Bay between Percival Park and Dumaresque Reserve. On Google Maps, search for “Rose Bay Beach”.

Dogs can run on the beach all day, with no time limit. However, please note that dogs are only allowed to die in the neighboring Dumaresque reserve before 8:30. or after 4:30pm For more information, visit the Council’s website.

This dog beach is a fairly calm harbor beach, so it’s perfect for dogs of all sizes and swimming abilities. At low tide the water is shallow for a good distance but eventually deepens for the more confident dogs. It’s also a great place for SUPing with your pup.

I recommend accessing the beach from the end of the Caledonian Road as sometimes the sand in front of the Dumaresque Reserve is covered with water. It can be difficult to park your car nearby. If you can’t find street parking, there is a nearby car park on Dover Road.

Where Are The Best Dog Friendly Beaches In Sydney?

Dogs are also allowed on the beach west of Rose Bay, next to Rose Bay Park. This small beach is between Rose Bay and Point Piper Marina; Search for “Bellamy Beach” on Google Maps.

Although not all owners and dogs follow this rule, dogs are now officially required to stay on the beach. It is proposed to designate Rose Bay Park and the adjacent beach as an off-leash dog sports area (see above). If in doubt check the last signs.

This beach is not as wide as Rose Bay Dog Beach, the harbor waters sometimes spill over the sea wall. However, the water is very calm and it would be nice to have another no-rope option.

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

One of the best harbor beaches on the east coast is Kutty Beach. Hidden away in Vaucluse, you won’t find this beach if you don’t already know it’s there. The beach is small, so it can get crowded on hot summer days.

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The beach is accessed by a narrow and steep set of wooden steps at the end of Wharf Road, not the easiest access for dogs. Smaller and less agile dogs may need to be transported.

The easiest parking is on Hopetoun Avenue. Alternatively, a 10 minute walk to Watsons Bay and the ferry dock.

Currently, this beach only allows dogs on leashes. However, there are also proposals to change the beach to allow dogs out – check the website or signs. Many dog ​​owners have abandoned their dogs, but I have seen council wardens abandoning them to enforce the rules.

The last dog-friendly harbor beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs is tiny Lady Martin Beach on the exclusive outskirts of Point Piper.

Best Beaches In Sydney, Australia

This small sandbar is next to the pier at the end of Point Piper. Along with the fact that parking nearby is difficult, it usually doesn’t get many visitors.

Also note that dogs must be leashed at this beach. There are currently no plans to change this.

Finally, I would like to show you a beach that is not on the eastern edge, but on the border, and if you live in the southern part of the area, it is close.

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

Known as Port Botany Foreshore or simply “Foreshore Beach” on Google Maps, this dog-friendly beach is located on the north shore of Botany Bay between the container port and the airport runway.

Sydney Beaches Archives

It’s easy to overlook because it’s not listed as a dog-friendly beach on the council’s website, but is controlled by the Port Authority.

Dogs are only allowed on leashes at this beach, there are some signs to warn dog owners, although I think dogs are often left loose here. Although it’s not the best place, it’s a long stretch of sand (about 500 meters) and quiet, at least when I visited on a weekday. As a bonus, you can even see the planes flying up close!

The easiest place to park is at the eastern Foreshore Road boat ramp, where there is a large parking lot. There are traffic lights for turning into the parking lot in both directions.

Alternatively, there is also a small car park to the west next to Mill Stream Lookout, although it is only accessible by cars traveling west on the foreshore road.

Best Dog Friendly Beaches In The Us

At the end of the beach is a path that connects the two car parks. You can complete the loop by: walking in one direction along the beach and then back on the paved path. There is also a pedestrian bridge connecting the premises to the large Sir Joseph Bank Botanical Gardens.

Shandos Cleaver is the founder of Dog Friendly Travel. He has traveled extensively with his miniature dachshund, Schnitzel, to 33 countries in Europe, every state and territory in Australia except Tasmania, and 10 countries in the United States. She is passionate about providing inspiration and information to those who want to travel with their dogs, close to home or internationally.

Hello! My name is Shandos Cleaver and I have traveled to 35 countries around the world with my miniature dachshund, Schnitzel. I have tons of tips for traveling with dogs, from dog-friendly places to pet-friendly accommodations or flying with dogs. I hope I can inspire you to travel with your dog! Sydney is home to many beautiful beaches. However, if you have a dog, unfortunately the dog minimum is not allowed. So, if you want to hit the beach with your dog, whether it’s stretching the sand or swimming in the water, what are your best dog-friendly beaches in Sydney?

Dog Friendly Beaches Eastern Suburbs

Choose from these dog-friendly beaches in Sydney (after checking opening hours), almost all of which I’ve visited with my dog, plus some beaches close to…

Dog Friendly Beach: Australia’s Top Spots

Sydney’s North Shore region is one of Sydney’s most dog-friendly beaches. However, none of these dog beaches face the ocean, at least not yet.

The Northern Beaches Council is proposing to allow dogs at the southern end of Mona Vale Beach and the northern end of Palm Beach for limited hours. However, a final decision has not been made and it appears that testing will not take place until at least 2024, after the process is finally updated in August 2023.

Now, head north to Pittwater or south to Sydney Harbour, or check out some of our dog-friendly lagoon options. Check out these dog-friendly beaches on North Beach…

Head to Rowland Reserve Dog Park in Bayview, any time of day, any time of year, for a dog walk in Sydney’s far north. (Search on “Bayview Dog Park”).

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