Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me

Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me – Maybe you are one of those people who like to be with their pets while traveling. If yes, you probably know well that traveling with your dogs can sometimes be a nightmare. There are not many places that allow pets and it is very difficult to find one. Well, not anymore. We have researched a list of top 10 pet friendly hotels near Delhi that your cute pooches will love.

1) Bikamp Aravallis Camp Resort – Probably the best pet friendly resort near Delhi where your pets will love you. Located only 200 km from Delhi, only 4 hours by car, it is completely surrounded by Aravalli mountains and forests.

Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me

Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me

There is also a large playground where your pets can run freely and have fun. When you plan a Sariska trip or a day trip from the camp, you can safely leave your pets because the staff love pets and take care of them as if they were their own.

Best Pet Friendly Farms Resorts Near Delhi Ncr

The camp offers Yurt tents that give you a feeling of home, but in reality it is a different tent. There are many activities to enjoy both indoors and outdoors like cricket, soccer, badminton, volleyball, carrom, chess etc.

The most popular is the trek to the nearby Aravalli Hills. The view of the Aravalli mountains at sunset is amazing. At night you can enjoy the fireworks, which is the best in the view offered by the Bikamp Aravalli Camp resort.

Tip: Tell them your pet’s specific needs in advance. They will ensure that the necessary arrangements are made.

2) Heritage Village Resort & Spa – Away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi, the Heritage Village Resort & Spa is a Rajasthani pet friendly resort.

Furry Friends Welcome: Lux Nomade’s Roundup Of Luxury Pet Friendly Hotels

This place offers you and your furry friend everything and comfort you need. While you enjoy some medical treatment, the hospital staff will make sure your pet has a party in his own space.

3) Emerald Trail, Bhimtal – Located in the Himalayas of Uttarakhand, this beautiful and beautiful farm village of Jungaliyagaon leads a sustainable lifestyle. Just 20 minutes uphill from the great Bhimtal lake, this is home to many birdlife and nearby forests.

The locals are friendly and surprising with their selfless hospitality. In addition, the large yard allows pets to leave even if it is unlocked.

Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me

4) The Taj Gateway Resort, Damdama Lake – If you’re looking for a luxury treat for yourself, this might be your best bet. Your friends will also be impressed and know the best money can buy for them.

Best Pet Friendly Hotels In India

Take them for a walk or let them play in the water. The staff here are also well trained to pamper your partner while you enjoy their luxury spa.

5)      Best fun pet activities for dogs – Your dog needs a vacation too. TopDog Luxury Pet Resorts is a spacious place with everything available for grooming, behavior training and everything you need.

This facility has specialized services for your dog and also has a veterinary clinic. This is perfect for those who are looking for a day off for themselves and their pets.

6) Baghaan Orchard Retreat – For mango lovers and pet owners. Baghaan Orchard Retreat is your destination. It offers relaxing areas in a 6-hectare dry garden, and offers quiet houses, a restaurant and a swimming pool.

Best Pet Friendly Resorts In Wisconsin

Apart from this, they have many activities that you can enjoy. You can also take your pets for a walk in the garden or leave them in the spacious area. They also offer a special pet food that your friend will love too.

7) Sim Bliss Farm – Small groups or families can enjoy this farm with their pets. Their villa has 4 bedrooms, a common room, a fitted kitchen and dining room.

They also have a communal BBQ area with seating and a large front lawn. The villa has a central courtyard with surrounding rooms, a swimming pool and bar terrace, gazebo, etc.

Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me

8) The Retreat at Walias – You don’t want to stray too far from the city to visit The Retreat at Walias. This is a great weekend getaway for you and your fur baby. No extra charges are added for pets here, making the place even more enjoyable and easy on the pockets.

Best Pet Friendly All Inclusive Resorts

They offer accommodation with a garden and a balcony. This property also offers you access to the tennis court.

9) Pet Grooming – They have 3 properties in and around Gurgaon and also offer pet grooming services. Many special events and destination weddings have also been held at this location.

However, they have large lawns where your fur babies can rest or enjoy playing. Also, this place is not a big trip and you will arrive within an hour or so.

10) Elephant Brook Resort, Rishikesh – A paradise in the foothills of the Himalayas, this resort is a place of adventure and fun for you and your dog. It’s a very spacious and amazing holiday destination.

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Located on the banks of a small river, it offers an unusual campsite in the Himalayan forest.

As seen above, there are properties available today that will also make your pets happy and cared for with love. This concludes our list of top 10 pet friendly places near Delhi that you will love.

In addition, it is also available from pocket parts to expensive parts. So, now that you know these places, plan your next vacation with your best friend as soon as possible.

Pet Friendly Luxury Resorts Near Me

Best day trip places for dogs dog house dog house pet house pet house pet travel best pet day trip in India Pet has a new address: Aurika Coorg at Lemon Tree Hotels . Last week, my husband Sharath and I traveled with our dogs, Raju and Aishu, to Aurika Coorg, a pet-friendly resort in Coorg, amidst 45 acres of forests and coffee plantations. in the Western Ghats. And the dogs were amazed at what they saw and experienced. A large area of ​​green, a lot of space to walk and a lot of things to smell, not only food and toys, sweets and comfort food. If they could write this review, they would probably die from many amazing things, but here is my view as a recent pet parent and traveler to this pet friendly hotel in Coorg, also one of the Best Animal Parks nearby. bangalore If you want to know more about where to stay in Coorg with pets, bookmark this post.

Paradise Bay Resort

First a little summary about how we became new pet parents. A few years ago, when our lives were suddenly destroyed by COVID and the first lockdown began, my husband and I joined an organization of pet owners to help feed indie dogs on the streets. And so we found a pack of cute puppies lost in the park without their mother. They were less than a few weeks old and we took turns feeding them. One of them was a very active and playful puppy and soon one of our friends named him Raju because it was his favorite name for all dogs.

Raju became a mischievous and curmudgeon by the day and soon became the happy but powerful Alpha of the pack. Unfortunately, an accident occurred and he was allegedly beaten in the middle of the night by bandits when he was only six months old and his spine was broken. Raju, the boy with the best spirit, was crippled and in pain; many vets said to put him down. Finally one of them agreed to the operation and we took him home, hoping that one day he will be able to walk and walk like a normal dog. However, two years later, although he can stand and walk a little, he is still limping and insists on walking in a wheelchair that we found for him. And Raju is a traveler who likes to go to beaches and forests and now has a wonderful holiday in the mountains. Her younger sister Aishu has been with her all over the world and we also started living together a few months ago and this trip is her first trip away from home.

Aurika Coorg speaks when it comes to pet friendship. This pet friendly resort in Coorg has over 95 dogs and cats as guests at present, including 30 Indies. Most of the pet friendly hotels are Indian based and prefer cute and wild breeds. They also have limitations. However, Aurika Coorg is hardly one of them unless it has to be on a leash when outside the rooms and pets.

 Raju is like a sick dog who also has special needs. Although we took him to malls in Ooty and Bangalore and other pet-friendly hotels near Bangalore, we were worried whether he would be comfortable here. But Aurika took care of Coorg

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