Vacation With Big Dogs

Vacation With Big Dogs – For many people, pets are more than a companion – they are like family. This means that many of us love to travel with our pets. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same opinion about our four-legged friends and, in many places, you will find that Fido is not welcome to join you. Things are a little different in Europe: many countries are incredibly pet friendly, making them the perfect destination for animal lovers all over the world. Here are 8 animal-friendly stops in Europe.

The Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark and Norway treat tourists who want to bring their pets on vacation. These 3 northern European countries are less pet friendly than other European countries. However, this does not mean that pets are never welcome. A good example is the famous Norwegian fjord, which you can visit by cruise liner. Your dog is welcome to join your trip and will also be treated as a guest. Oslo, the capital of Norway, has many pet-friendly hotels, so finding accommodation for you and Fido shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Norway also has a lot of open space, which means that travelers and their dogs can get daily exercise. Shops, restaurants and public transportation pose more of a challenge for four-legged travelers, who are not welcome inside most establishments.

Vacation With Big Dogs

Vacation With Big Dogs

With the introduction of (PETS), the UK has become a friendly destination for you and your four-legged friend. More and more tourists bring their pets on holiday, especially those from other EU countries; Cats and dogs arriving from North America and elsewhere must always be quarantined upon arrival. Once the quarantine lifted, however, the UK opened up to four-legged travelers. The National Rail System allows dogs of all sizes, as long as they are on a lead, meaning you can travel anywhere, whether it’s Cornwall in the south or the Scottish Highlands in the north. The British Isles also offer plenty of green space to explore and many national parks, which are ideal conditions for dog walking. Pet friendly accommodation available across the UK.

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Some parts of Ireland are pet friendly, while others are not so friendly to four-legged travel companions. Dublin is generally considered animal-friendly, and many restaurants and cafes are happy to have your dog with you on outdoor terraces and patios, as long as they are on a leash. Hotels and other accommodations are often pet-friendly, although you may want to call ahead and make sure Fido is welcome. Although dogs are often mistreated on walks, especially while crossing sheep country, some trails welcome dogs on leashes: Killarney National Park welcomes four-legged friends, as well as some paths on the Wicklow Way. Your best bet in Ireland is a cottage vacation—a popular option with pet owners, since you’re in the country.

The Netherlands is probably known for being incredibly bike-friendly, but Dutch cities like Amsterdam are also pet-friendly. As in other parts of Europe, many restaurants are pet friendly, often allowing diners to bring their pets in the outdoor dining areas. Hotels are often pet friendly, and stores may allow dogs inside (although it’s best to ask). Amsterdam recommends itself as a great pet-friendly destination for people traveling with dogs, thanks to its beautiful parks. Vondelpark, the largest and most famous in the city, is a beautiful place, while Oosterpark is divided into 2 areas: a children’s area without dogs and another where dogs are welcome. The park is popular with locals and becomes even more popular with tourists who travel with their dogs.

Think of Switzerland and you think of Bernese mountain dogs and St. Bernards run through the snow to save skiers stuck in the Alps. Given the importance of dogs, it should come as little surprise that the Swiss love dogs – and four-legged travelers. Most restaurants are more than happy to welcome you and your furry dining companion (even if they don’t order from Fido’s menu). As elsewhere in Europe, dogs are welcome in most shops and hotels, although you may want to call ahead to ask about specific pet policies. Public transport is also pet friendly; All cats and dogs are allowed on trains, although you usually have to buy a half-price, second-class ticket for companion animals. Small animals may need to fit in a purse or basket for travel—but it’s still better than boxing your friend in a carrier.

Italians love their furry friends and you will often take your dog with you to shops, hotels and dining areas in restaurants. Northern Italy is generally considered more dog-friendly than the south, but Rome is also one of the most dog-friendly destinations in Europe. Yes, even in a big tourist center, dogs are welcome. Public transport also welcomes furry travelers, usually without an insurance company, even if you need a moose on your trip. Some places may require you to purchase a fare for your four-legged travel companion, though often at a discount of 50% or more. Most hotels accept pets, although some charge an additional fee. A good practice is to visit a restaurant or hotel before making your reservation.

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While Germany is not the most pet-friendly place in Europe, the country is very friendly to your four-legged friend. As in most of the rest of Europe, pets are welcome on public transport, as long as they are on a leash. A muzzle is required, but there is no reason to keep your cat in a carrier. Small dogs are generally welcome in restaurant dining areas, although large breeds are not. Dogs are also welcome in most stores, and you can expect most accommodations to be pet-friendly. Of course, it’s always a good idea to call ahead and make sure Fido is welcome—and find out if there’s an extra fee for tagging along to dinner with you or your hotel.

If you’ve been dying to visit Paris and have lunch at a bistro, but can’t imagine leaving Fido out of the experience, don’t worry. France is consistently ranked as the most pet-friendly country in all of Europe – and that’s saying something, considering how many pet-friendly countries there are in Europe. Dogs are most often allowed in the dining area. In fact, it is unusual for an owner to leave their dog outside while going to a store or restaurant. Because of this, many hotels are pet friendly, as well as other establishments. If you plan to travel, public transportation is also pet-friendly, allowing you to take your pet with you on the train, often on a leash rather than in the car. So go ahead and make your dream trip to France the perfect family affair! Take a break from home projects, let’s talk summer trips and camping! Fall is a few months away! Maybe your big summer vacation has already arrived? Maybe you are looking for a budget-friendly weekend trip? Do you bring the dogs?

Don’t have a truck or SUV?  This post covers how we save space and fit all of our camping gear and two large dogs into a small car.

Vacation With Big Dogs

Despite having two big dogs and ongoing home improvement projects, does anyone think we have a truck?…NO! We have two small cars; One as a passenger and the other as our “crack” (a car that thinks it’s a truck).

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Instead, we are very happy with the “less is more” perspective (especially with rising gas prices). Like most dog owners, we also find that camping is the most economical for overnight trips. However, it can be difficult to fit an entire camper, us, dog and two large dogs in a small car. So we need to master the art of camping and traveling with lots of space. No roof rack, no trailer, everything in the trunk of the car! Here is our list of gear and trunk packing…

Now here’s everything on this little mat… (the kind that slides under the bed)

A good space-saving camping tip is for backpackers to cook. We bring food that does not need a stove or an ice box, and can be boiled like spaghetti, and soup. (Which is cheaper on a tourist budget) In addition, we use backpacking kitchen utensils, such as the GSI kit, and a jetboil heating system, which allows us to dispose of the large propane camp stove. If we want to grill or fry, we use the fire pit.

We usually pack two dog leashes that can be folded on the bottom, and put camping gear on top. The tent is well placed on the side and if we want, we can save a small cooler in the back. This leaves plenty of room for our food, sleeping bags and clothing backpacks to sit on top of the rubbermaid. As for Aerobuds, pillows and our Porta Potty… (yeah yeah

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