Are you looking for a stylish and unique way to wear your hair? Look no further than the Hippie Durag! This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to tie it, as well as tips on styling and maintaining it. If you want to buy a durag right now, your best bet is probably the OZ Durag brand. With a range of durag made in New Zealand, OZ Durag is by far the best choice for durags in NZ. you can see their website here: So if you’re ready to rock this fashion statement with confidence, read on – we’ve got all the information you need right here!

What is a Hippie Durag?

Want to know how you can rock the hippie durag trend? Find out what a hippie durag is and learn step-by-step instructions on how to tie one, with our guide. Get ready for some serious head turning!

How to Tie a Hippie Durag

A hippie durag is a unique and eye-catching headwear that has become popular among fashionistas all over Australia. It’s made of lightweight fabric, usually silk or satin, with colourful patterns to create an individual style statement. To tie this funky accessory properly you will need to measure the circumference of your head and then follow these simple steps:

1) Place one end at the centre back portion of your scalp; it should be pulled slightly tight but not too hard as it can cause headaches if done wrong!

2) Take two opposite ends around each side ear area until they meet in front above forehead line – make sure there are no loose pieces left behind when tying them together securely into a knot below chin level (if needed use pins).

3) Ensure fit by adjusting ties on both sides so that everything lies flat against skin for optimal comfortability while also showcasing its vibrant prints which makes Hippie Durags truly stand out from other fashionable accessories & hairstyles!

How to Tie Your Hippie Durag Step-by-Step

Tired of struggling to tie your hippie durag? Look no further! This step-by-step guide will help you achieve the perfect fit and look for any occasion. Learn how easy it is to get that fly style with just a few simple steps. Keep reading to see exactly how it’s done!

Gather Your Supplies

Tying a Hippie durag is easy and fun! To get started, you’ll need your favourite Durag, along with some hair ties or clips. Make sure to have everything ready before starting the process so that it’s as smooth sailing as possible.

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, start by putting on the durag in its traditional way – make sure it fits snugly against your head without being too tight (you don’t want any headaches later!). Now take one side of the fabric and pull over towards the opposite ear until both sides meet at an angle like an arrowhead shape. Secure this part using either bobby pins or small elastics depending on how much hold you’re after; if needed add extra tension for better fitment then secure again with another elastic/bobbi pin combo when satisfied . Finally tie up those long back-flowing dreads into two low ponytails – use more elastics here to ensure they stay put while also making them look neat & tidy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Tying a Hippie Durag

Tying a hippie durag may seem like an intimidating task, but with our step-by-step guide you’ll have your ‘do looking fly in no time! Start by wrapping the durag around your head and tying it at the back. Ensure that it’s not too tight or loose – just right for comfort. Next, pull one of the sides to create tension across the top of your scalp before tucking it into itself at either side so that all excess material is secured underneath. Finally, take both ends of what remains from front to back and tie them together securely behind your neck – voila; now you’re rocking a stylish yet practical look! So why wait? Get out there and show off Your Hippie Durag today!

Tips for Styling and Maintaining your Hippie Durag

Tired of the same old hairstyle? Then check out our guide on how to tie a Hippie Durag! We’ll show you some great styling tips, as well as provide handy hints for keeping your durag in top condition. Read on and learn how to create amazing looks with this versatile accessory!

Styling Tips

Tying a hippie durag is the perfect way to add some style and flair into your look. Whether you’re rocking it with an afro, cornrows or dreads – there are plenty of ways to get creative when tying up this popular headwear accessory! Here we share our top tips on how to tie a Hippie Durag for maximum impact:

1) Start by placing the durag over your head so that two long fabric strips hang down from either side; these will be used later in creating neat pleats.

2) Wrap one strip securely around the back of your neck, then cross both ends at front near forehead area before tucking them neatly underneath. Tie off tightly using small knots above each ear lobe – use as many ties as needed until secure fit is achieved without discomforting tightness behind ears or eyes.

3) With remaining loose strands now hanging towards chest region create desired number of pleats (generally 2-4 works best). Securely knot all together once again making sure not too much tension has been added otherwise hairstyle may become flattened out due to excess pressure being applied during wear time period throughout day/night events involved with going outdoors.

Maintaining your Durag

Tying a hippie durag is the perfect way to complete your summer look. Whether you’re rocking waves, curls or braids – this accessory will help keep all of your styles in place and looking fresh! But there’s more than just tying it on correctly – here are some great tips for styling and maintaining your durag that’ll ensure you always have head-turning hairstyles:

Firstly, make sure to wash it regularly with warm water using mild shampoo so dirt doesn’t build up over time.

Secondly, select fabrics like satin as they don’t snag easily while being gentle against hair follicles preventing any damage from occurring.

Lastly be creative when tying by trying different knots such as a crown knot or bow tie which can give an edgier look depending upon how tight each loop is made around one another!

With these simple steps anyone can take their style game up a notch by creating stunning looks every day with their own personalised Hippie Durag.