Best Dog Friendly Lakes

Best Dog Friendly Lakes – If you don’t leave your pets behind when you go out to dinner or with friends, why do you leave them on vacation. After all, they need a vacation just as much as you do, there’s no need to miss it!  

Below we have collected the best places where you will have the happiest moments with your furry friends. So look no further than our dog friendly holidays for your next vacation! 

Best Dog Friendly Lakes

Best Dog Friendly Lakes

In Europe, many tourist attractions are particularly dog-friendly, offering a warm welcome to both furry friends and their owners. Although a dog’s level of socialization can vary, some areas are better at serving and helping animals, making them the best choice for travelers to find places to relax with animals. Here are the best options: 

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Located between Italy and Croatia, Slovenia is a popular European destination known for its natural beauty such as Lake Bled, beautiful castles, outdoor adventures, rich history, beautiful culture and beautiful animals. Traveling with your dog to Slovenia is easy as many accommodation, restaurants and outdoor spaces accept pets.  

To have a safe trip, bring your dog’s rabies vaccination certificate, keep your pet on a lead in public places, and be prepared to clean up after them. However, you should look for additional pet guidelines at specific locations.  

Croatia, especially in Crikvenica, is a coastal paradise for dogs. The private dog beach welcomes all pets for beach fun and potential socializing. Then feed the puppy a beer while listening to the sunset. The dog-friendly charm of Croatia makes for an unforgettable vacation for you and your furry friend.  

Another coastal region, Istria, offers beautiful nature, historic towns, old houses and clean beaches, and welcomes pets: most accommodation units still provide services for animals. Transport in Croatia can be difficult due to limited train services and unclear bus rules regarding dogs. While some tours are great, others may turn you away if the drivers don’t accept pets. Despite the competition, Croatia is still worth visiting, just be prepared for transport issues.  

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Ticino, located in southern Switzerland, is generally a good place for dogs. The area offers a variety of outdoor activities and stunning scenery that are perfect for exploring with your furry friends. Many parks, trails and green spaces in the canton of Ticino welcome dogs, providing plenty of time for walking, picnicking and fun, such as the olive trail in Lugano.  

In addition to outdoor activities, Canton Ticino also has pet services, restaurants and cafés where dogs are mostly welcome. However, it is recommended that you check the pet policy with the property before visiting.  

Although the Ticino is a real dog, it is important to be aware of local laws and customs when taking your dog out in public. This may include keeping the dog on a lead in certain areas, cleaning up after it and being respectful of other visitors and wildlife.  

Best Dog Friendly Lakes

The Cote d’Azur, also known as the French Riviera, offers a mix of attractions for dog travelers. While some places and establishments are dog-friendly, others may have restrictions or limitations on where animals can stay.  

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In cities like Nice, Cannes and Antibes, you’ll find some parks, beaches and trails where dogs are allowed, but it’s important to check local rules and apply for specific rules. Some beaches may have areas where dogs are allowed, while others may not allow dogs at all.  

Many hotels on the Côte d’Azur do not allow pets, although some may allow small dogs or charge an additional cleaning fee. Likewise, restaurants and cafes may have outdoor seating for dogs, but it’s best to request this in advance. However, these vacation spots are guaranteed to accommodate your furry friends. 

Our tip: Enjoy the beauty of the Bay of Billionaires in Antibes. Come as early as 8 am to enjoy the peaceful hours by the crystal clear sea.  

Italy is generally considered a dog-friendly country. Italian culture is very welcoming to pets, and you’ll find that many places, restaurants, cafes and shops allow dogs to be well-behaved, especially outside.  

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Dogs are welcome almost everywhere in Italy: in the background is the atmospheric Piazza Lucca  

Italy has many dog-friendly cities and great resorts such as Porto and Lake Como to enjoy a holiday with your four-legged friend. Some cities have dog parks where dogs can run and play outside. However, it is important to be aware of local laws regarding dogs in public places, as laws may vary by region.  

Many beaches in Italy have special rules for dogs, and some allow dogs at certain times of the year or in certain areas. In addition, some beaches have amenities such as dog baths and garbage disposal areas to accommodate pet owners.  

Best Dog Friendly Lakes

Our tip: Enjoy a beautiful cruise with your dog on Lake Como, Italy. Discover its charm and beautiful landscapes. Dogs usually ride free on ferries, but must be on a lead and muzzled if they are large. 

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Prices for private boats range from $400 to $3,000, while public tours are a cheaper option. Take a boat to swim in the lake, preferably in the morning or after 2 pm.  

1. Hiking: Dogs love to explore new parks, gardens and trails. Take them for long walks to burn off energy and allow them to discover new smells.  

2. Visit pet-friendly areas: Many tourist destinations have dog-friendly areas, including beaches, hiking trails, and outdoor restaurants. Include your pup in your holiday activities.  

3. Try new activities: Try activities like water skiing, kayaking or surfing. Many tour operators allow dogs to join in, giving your pet a boost and creating lasting memories.  

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4. Bring your dog’s favorite toys: Pack your dog’s favorite toys for comfort and fun. Includes chew toys, racing toys and interactive imagination toys during downtime.  

5. Rest and relaxation: While it’s important to keep your dog active, make sure he has time to rest and relax. Dogs love to rest in the sun, nap or sleep with you. Plan a relaxing vacation for you and your furry friend.  

From pet play areas and activity zones to private spaces equipped with bowls and welcome amenities for your furry friends, these beach resorts were thought of first. Read on and find out about the amazing European destinations with the most beautiful beaches! 

Best Dog Friendly Lakes

In Croatia, the beautiful beach of Crikvenica is the most beautiful place with places like Monti’s Dog Beach and Bar serving special creations like ice and herbal tea for your dog to cool off and give him space to stretch his paws. Next to your sunbeds! Other popular Croatian vacation spots that have separate areas for your pet include Štinjanska uvala in Pula, Brajdica in Rijeka and Kašjuni beach in Split.  

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Crete is not only a paradise for your health and relaxation, but also a place where your pets can run freely and swim in the sea. Some of the most beautiful beaches in Crete include Elafonisi Beach with its pink sand and the less crowded Stavros Beach with its rugged shores and perfect surf that allows your dog to explore off-leash.  

In the Cote d’Azur region, where beaches from all over the world line the coast, the beaches of Villeneuve-Loupeta, Cagnes-sur-Mer and even Menton welcome your pets. The peaceful village of Villefranche Sur Mer also has a private beach for dogs, a boon for parents holidaying with their four-legged children. So, relax under the warm sun and enjoy the beauty of the French Riviera with your pets. If you’re particularly strong, don’t forget to take it with you!   

Animal beaches like Spiaggia di Pluto in particular claim to be the largest dog park in Italy. In Bibione, Veneto, this beach has large umbrellas and deck chairs to enjoy the calm waves and warm sun. Spiaggia di Levante in Caorle, Veneto allows dogs and offers facilities such as waste disposal and showers. 

Another beach worth mentioning is Dog Beach in San Vincenzo, Tuscany. Also known as the “Free Dog Beach,” this pet-friendly spot has services like separate pet bathrooms, dog trainers, pet stores, and even vets! Pau Beach in Forte dei Marmi welcomes dogs and provides them with a special area to play and swim. They are equipped with facilities such as showers, garbage bags and water containers.  

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Papa’s Beach is another beautiful Italian pet friendly beach in Alassio, Liguria, which has a bar and cafe to relax with a special area for your pets with spray umbrellas, maxi dog pillows and welcome kits for your friend.  

In general, all these beaches allow pets from October to April, but in all these places you must leash your little friend if the beaches are staffed and pick them up if they are there doing their business.   

The rules about traveling with pets in Europe, especially dogs and cats, changed on January 1, 2021. It’s important to understand and follow the new rules before planning your vacation. But it’s important to consider your pet’s health when deciding whether to adopt or leave it for professional care.  

Best Dog Friendly Lakes

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