Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne

Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne – Looking for a fun day out in Melbourne with your dog? Whether you want to hit the beach or the mountains, stay close to the city or go on a trip, we’ve got plenty of ideas for dog-friendly trips around Melbourne, all within an hour’s drive of the city centre. Which of these fun ideas will you follow with your pup?

Melbourne deserves global recognition for its street art. A few hours of hiking and exploring can be great activities for your dog. Unlike art galleries, there are no rules against walking pets.

Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne

Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne

Melbourne’s most popular street art destination is Hosier Lane in the heart of the city, not far from Federation Square. I also recommend ACDC Lane and Duckboard Place, which are generally less crowded. Take your dog for a walk on the city streets or at a dog-friendly cafe on the banks of the Yarra.

Hours In The Dandenong…

If you don’t want to walk downtown, there are plenty of great examples in other neighborhoods as well. There are many examples of pairing lunch at a cafe or a drink at a pet-friendly pub.

If you’re looking to enjoy nature off the beaten path, one of the best places to visit in Melbourne is You Yangs Regional Park. Located less than an hour from central Melbourne, this regional park welcomes dogs on a leash.

Ta Yang was named after the local term “mountain in the middle of the plain”. The most popular trail in the park leads to Flinders Peak. From the top of this rock you have a wonderful view of Melbourne and the entire Bellarine Peninsula. The 3.5 km walk takes about an hour and includes many steps along the way.

There are also short and long walks, including free options. An easier option is the 800m loop around Big Rock. Don’t miss the walk to the top of this cliff, just 100 meters from the parking lot. There are also many picnic areas in the park.

The Dog Friendly Touring Guide

Your dog will love this weekend getaway from Melbourne! A great place to visit on a Sunday outing is Miss Drew’s Bakery and Dog Cafe on the Mornington Peninsula. Surrounded by antique shops behind the Tyabb packing house, the Dog Cafe is open Saturdays and Sundays. (It is better to check the opening hours in advance.)

The menu has a variety of treats for your dog, from pugichinos to muffins and cookies. Order one of our dog treats and dine at one of the many tables. There is also a shop that sells toys and games, and you can order dog birthday cakes.

Although there are no human options on the menu. Walk to the Rattling Red Cafe opposite and get your coffee.

Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne

St Kilda has long been a popular day trip to Melbourne and is a great place to visit with your dog. Your dog isn’t allowed in Luna Park, but instead hang out on the docks (dogs are allowed) and enjoy the nearby beach.

The Best Dog Cafes In Melbourne & Victoria

The closest dog friendly beach in St Kilda is to the west of the pier. Here, dogs are allowed on a leash all year round. On the east side of the harbor, dogs are allowed on the sand only in winter. Dogs are allowed on the sand at St Kilda West year-round, except for the sensitive dune area, Brooks Jetty and the northern end of the St Kilda Marina car park.

If you’re visiting St Kilda on a Sunday, check out the shops on the Esplanade. And you go around Gray Street to Chez Misty. This French creperie has a dog-only crepe and puppy menu, as well as savory and sweet crepes for humans. There is a dog bed in the back and an indoor lounge with a leash and harness.

Chez Misty isn’t just a dog-friendly creperie; They offer Paddle and Brunch events for adventurous dogs. First you stand up paddleboard with your dog for 1 hour and then have breakfast at Chez Misty.

Summer 2022-23; Paddle and Brunch runs several days a month, a mix of weekends and weekdays. Keep an eye on the 2023-24 calendar. Small groups of four people and a dog are accommodated in groups and provided with life jackets and SUP lessons from Karen to SUP to PUP. I also take a lot of nature photos.

Dog Friendly Waterfalls In Victoria To Visit

Want more opportunities to learn to paddle with your dog? Check out the many SUPS lessons for pups in Bayside and the Mornington Peninsula. We offer dog swimming lessons for dogs with low self-confidence.

A great dog-friendly place in the heart of Melbourne is the Royal Botanic Gardens in Victoria – Melbourne. A dog on a leash around a decorative pond or garden. You can walk in the park, crater or “volcano”.

Another highlight of visiting the botanical garden is jumping in the lake. Private guided tours are generally 30 minutes long and run between September and May. Bounty accommodates up to 6 passengers and a well-behaved dog can join you for free. There’s even an Instagram account for dogs.

Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne

It is better to book at least in advance during the holidays. They went down the steps in front of Cafe Terrace.

Of Melbourne’s Best Off Leash Dog Parks (and Beaches)

Dogs are allowed year-round at PA Burn Reserve Park, off leash, adjacent to the beach. However, dogs must be kept on a leash in parking lots and on the beach path, and must be kept completely out of the safety zone.

It is best to visit at low tide if possible to keep your dog away from the beach. Then use the dog wash area next to the parking lot with multiple spray nozzles at different heights for dogs of all sizes.

Located just 4 kilometers north-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Yarra Bend Park is Melbourne’s largest suburb of natural bushland. The park is located on both banks of the Yarra River and the park has 12 kilometers of winding trails.

The park offers a variety of walks, from the 850m Bushland Circuit to the 9.5km Dights Falls and Westfield Extension. Download the visitor guide from the website for the list. There is also a picnic area.

Brighton Beach: A Guide To The Best Things To Do

Most Yarra Bend parks do not allow dogs, but some do not. And there are several places without eyelashes: check the signal; Always wear a seat belt. The best place to swim in the Dog River is under the rocks.

Interested in taking your dog to the river? Boats go to the Fairfield Boathouse to rent canoes and dinghies and bring your own. The cafe’s outdoor tables are dog-friendly.

Daylesford is a popular weekend resort in Melbourne. Although it’s a Sunday getaway, it’s only an 80-minute drive from central Melbourne, which is enough for a day trip. A dog-friendly activity in Daylesford, famous for its spas and good food, is a walk at Daylesford Lake.

Best Dog Friendly Walks Melbourne

It takes about an hour to make a full circle around the wide and less than 3 km long lake. There are plenty of parking options at Foresse, Fulcher Street and Wombat Flat; Otherwise, it’s an easy walk from downtown. Please note that dogs must be on a leash.

The 15 Best Off Leash Dog Areas And Dog Parks In Melbourne

Stop along the way and sample the local spring water. Take a detour to Central Springs Reserve where you can fill up your glass at Wombat Flat Springs or stop at the historic hand pump.

A scenic spot in the Dandenong Ranges is the Olinda Tea House. The tea house, which is architecturally stunning, serves not only people but also delicious green tea.

There’s also a special afternoon tea for four-legged guests, with a range of flavors including peanut butter scones, cranberry munchies and pupachinos. People will be chomping at the bit on delicious options like bottomless cookies.

Take in the sights and stroll through the historic gardens and woods surrounding the tea house. There are also options in the summer when the weather is nice.

Botanic Garden Walks

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