Family Friendly Places To Visit Near Me

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For a long time, the east side of Singapore was portrayed as hip and edgy. But surprise surprise: the western side of Singapore is also home to many attractions. And if you have kids, you’ll be happy to know that there are enough fun attractions to keep them busy every weekend for more than 3/4 of the year.

Family Friendly Places To Visit Near Me

Family Friendly Places To Visit Near Me

50 of them are divided into different categories such as educational experiences, sports activities, encounters with animals, farms, nature, indoor parks, outdoor attractions and unique experiences. Places to explore with the family in West Singapore, more than 60% of them cost nothing!

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As Singapore’s first science center specifically targeting children aged 18 months to 8 years, the entire KidsSTOP area includes 17 feature areas, divided into 4 main interactive zones: Imagine, Discover, Experience and Dream. Each area has a different theme that leads children to discover the natural and man-made world. Through a mix of role play and practical play, children can imagine, experience, discover and dream about the world around them.

Why Kids Love It: Almost everything appeals to kids, because the big difference at KidsStop compared to the original science center is that all the exhibits are really set up with a younger audience in mind. There is no bombardment of incomprehensible theories, only displays and gadgets that evoke the joy of play and interaction in children. Also, if the main area seems too busy for your child’s taste, head to the indoor rooms with critters, kiddie theater and math areas. They are probably very quiet and very playful.

Days of the week (Monday – Friday) – Singaporeans and PR: Children (18 months – 8 years) $3.50 and adults (> 9 years) $1.40 | Standard: children (18 months – 8 years) $14 | Adults (>9 years) $7

Weekend, PH & SCH Holes – Singapore & PR: Children (18 months – 8 years) $7 & Adults (>9 years) $3.50 | Standard: Children (18 months – 8 years) $16.10 | Adults (>9 years) $9.10

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With over a thousand interactive exhibits spread across 14 galleries, Science Center Singapore is an integral part of every parent’s growing up memories. And what’s great about the Science Center is that its exhibits are regularly updated to be relevant to today’s kids. Walk into the center of the earth, walk through the human body’s digestive system or examine leaf litter in an eco garden – there’s always something new for kids to explore and learn on every visit. Oh, and did I mention that entry is free for all Singaporeans and permanent residents on off-peak days?

Why kids will love it: Take a break from practical activities by going to the Omni-Theater, Singapore’s only IMAX dome theater, which has a 5-story dome screen. Depending on the exhibits during a visit, you may want to see mammoths and sabertooths come to life on a giant screen, or come face to face with a fearsome shark.

Days of the week (Monday – Friday) – Singapore & PR: Free for all | Standard: Children (3-12) $8 | $12 for adults

Family Friendly Places To Visit Near Me

Weekend, PH & SCH Holes – Singapore & PRs: Children (3-12) & above $4 & Adults $6 | Standard: Children (3-12) $8 | $12 for adults

The Best Family Friendly Attractions In Singapore 2022

Spread over 20 zones over two floors, the Lee Kang Chian Museum of Natural History traces the history of life on earth – from the microscopic to the enormous and the embarrassing to the immense. Three dinosaur skeletons are the highlight of the museum.

Why kids will love it: Your kids will be excited about the Lee Kang Chian Museum of Natural History, thanks to three sauropod dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic period. The adult dinosaurs, measuring 24m and 27m respectively, were nicknamed Apollonia and Prince, while the baby dinosaur Twinky was 12m long. Together they will be the centerpiece of the gallery of the new museum and a highlight for children who are fascinated by dinosaurs.

Formerly known as Memories at the Ford Factory – or more recently, the Seonan Gallery – the former Ford Factory is the site of Singapore’s surrender by British forces to the Imperial Japanese Army. Reopened in February and a national monument, it has been renovated and now has renewed content and a new approach.

The exhibition space is divided into three zones: The Fall of Singapore: Describes the events that led to that fateful moment when British troops surrendered unconditionally to the Imperial Japanese Army in the control room of a Ford factory, Seonan becomes: captures people’s various experiences. During the Japanese Occupation and Legacies: Highlights the various legacies of the war and occupation in Singapore, of the political and social changes that ensued and the ways in which we remember the war in Singapore today.

New Kid Friendly Activities In Singapore To Visit In 2022

Why kids love it: The gallery marks a new area of ​​focus for the exhibition by looking at the impact of the war and the occupation years, including the immediate and long-term legacy of this period in Singapore and the region. Although some of the exhibits are a bit complicated for younger children, there are many exhibits where children can interact and learn more about Singapore’s wartime history.

Cost: Free entry for all children under 6, Singaporeans and permanent residents, Singapore Student Pass holders and Museum Round Table members | Other: $3 per person

An ‘edutainment’ center that explores Singapore’s past, present and future, the Discovery Center is an ideal experience for children. Test your knowledge of Singaporean food, culture and customs in Harmony Circle competition style, or be part of Command HQ for a day and experience Singapore’s first immersive 3rd generation SAF game designed for the public. Learn traditional dance moves in the Digital Dance Studio or think smarter and act faster at the Crisis TimeScope exhibit to save Singapore from a bombing at the MRT station. There is also a 4D simulator ride, a cinema and a shooting gallery where children can test their shooting skills with a modified SAR21 rifle or SIG SAUER P226 pistols.

Family Friendly Places To Visit Near Me

Why we love it: Army fans can hop on the SAFTI bus and visit the SAFTI Military Institute. This bus tour takes you close to the 98-hectare training ground for officers of the Singapore Army, Navy and Air Force. Go here for schedules.

Family Friendly Activities

Price: Free entry for Singapore citizens and permanent residents | $6 – $10 for tourists and foreign nationals

The Singapore Army Museum showcases the pride of Singapore’s armed forces and pays tribute to the many men and women who have served the nation. Various displays honor the contributions of soldiers and show how far Singapore’s military has come since Singapore’s independence. Immerse yourself in a special effects show that gives you the potential of an army and try to shoot with an assault rifle in a personal shooting trainer.

Why kids love it: Little kids charge right into the outdoor adventure park. Modeled after the standard obstacle course in the military, they are fun and easy to overcome with 11 obstacles reduced for children 14 and under.

Bukit Chandu (Opium Hill) was one of the last battles fought in Singapore. The battle lasted 48 hours and the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Malayan Regiment tried to defend the hill during the Battle of Pasir Panjang against the Japanese in 1942. Housed in a restored black and white colonial bungalow near the old war site, Center. It is a place for visitors to reflect on Singapore’s legacy of heroism.

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Why kids will love it: The center combines first-hand accounts, personal artifacts, maps and historical images to illustrate Singapore’s brutal fall. In particular, the reflections pay tribute to the heroism of ‘C’ Company, 1st Battalion in the battle against the Japanese at Bukit Chandu. Also highlighted is the story of second lieutenant Adnan Saidi who resisted Japanese attempts to kill himself as Punjabi troops and inspired his soldiers to fight to the end. The gallant defense of Bukit Chandu cost the Japanese many lives.

Our Museum @ Taman Jurong is Singapore’s first community museum. It displays artworks and personal memories created by Taman Jurong residents, Jurong District Schools and community volunteer groups. Our museum also has galleries that focus on the history and heritage of the community.

Why kids love it: Kids can participate in weekly craft activities and storytelling sessions. The Our Museum exhibit is also updated quarterly and offers opportunities for residents and volunteers to work with local artists to create artwork for the museum.

Family Friendly Places To Visit Near Me

Opening hours: Mon-

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