Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk – Not all of these attractions allow dogs in all indoor areas, but they all allow dogs in some of their indoor/indoor areas.

I will provide as much information as possible on each title (last reviewed February 2023), but please check each attraction’s website for the latest information. This post was written with reference to pet dogs, not service dogs.

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

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Of The Best Dog Friendly Holiday Destinations In The Uk

Berwick Museum and Art Gallery is open from April until late autumn and dogs are welcome. It’s a great museum with a variety of exhibits. My favorite part is the medieval section of Berwick above, where you can walk past dragons with your dog and there are lots of silly mirrors.

See photos and more information from our visit to Berwick Museum here (note that some exhibits have changed since then) and you may want to read over 20 things to do in Berwick.

Barter Books in Alnwick is one of the largest second-hand bookstores in the world. It is very charming with unique features and think of it as a train station.

There is a children’s corner and don’t forget to look up to see the mini train running along the shelves. Dogs are welcome in the bookstore (there is seating) and in the dog-friendly section of the café. Check out this video where we share our visit to Barter Books with Fozzie.

The Best Dog Friendly Bars & Restaurants In Manchester

Hexham Old Gaol is located in the heart of Hexham town center and is dog friendly throughout. It is open from April to late autumn. The museum is the oldest prison built for housing and shares the lives of prisoners from the 1300s with interactive exhibits including actions and dungeon tours.

You can see more photos and information from our visit to Hexham Old Gaol with Fozzy here (note that some of the exhibits have changed since then) and my full guide to visiting Hexham here.

Warworth Castle is one of the places to visit with Fozzie and Ollie. It’s not huge, so it’s never too crowded, but there’s enough to explore to make the visit worthwhile. Warworth itself is dog-friendly and the castle often hosts special events.

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

Dogs are welcome in most areas, including inside the castle. Read our guide to visiting Warkworth with kids and dogs here.

Dog Friendly Days Out Across North East England

Dogs can travel free on Britain’s oldest railway and are welcome on non-special days. Tanfield asked that dogs be kept in front of and outside of seats. It’s an interesting little walk to try and there are walks around Causey Arch.

The Aln Valley Railway runs steam, pacemaker and diesel trains into Alnwick and is a great place to enjoy a family day out with your dog (especially if you combine this with a trip to Barter Books). You can read our complete visiting guide here.

One dog per adult can travel on the Alln Valley Railway up to a maximum of 10 dogs per carriage and visitors must keep dogs away from seats.

While we’re talking about trains, just a quick note to say that dogs used to be allowed on the Stevenson railway in North Tyneside, but this is no longer the case. Check here for the latest information.

Dog Friendly Family Holidays In The Uk

Ford & Etal in Northumberland is dog-friendly, with a range of dog-friendly attractions including:

Most attractions are open for the season from March 27th to November 5th, but check individual locations for exact information. There is plenty to enjoy outdoors in the area. You can also read my complete guide to visiting Ford & Etal here.

I will start by saying that dogs are not allowed in the state rooms of the main palace, but there are many areas where they can have fun. In addition to the grounds, enclosed areas where dogs are welcome include:

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

Dogs are not allowed in the main museum, but they can explore the historic buildings in the area and there is a covered outdoor cafe where dogs can also sit with their owners (overlooking a pretty playground).

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Dogs are welcome to visit Eshot Airport and can join their owners in the dog-friendly indoor observation area/cafe. It’s a wonderfully relaxing place with interesting exhibits and you can watch several planes take off and land (if you time it right). The food in the cafe is delicious. Read our full review here.

Did you know that dogs are welcome in most Royal Quays shops and cafes? We have visited Fozzie several times and have always found it to be a very dog ​​friendly place. Read our complete visiting guide here.

It’s always worth researching whether dogs are allowed in some of your favorite stores, as you might be surprised. For example, dogs are welcome in some areas of John Lewis and Fenwick.

There are too many dog-friendly pubs and cafes to list here, but I’m sure you know your favorites. Something to take into account if you want to visit places quickly, easily and close to home.

London’s Only Major Dog Friendly Attraction

Dogs are welcome in all areas of this Sunderland museum, which features airport hangars, the Second World War Road, Romney’s Army and more.

Emporium Ice Cream in Corbridge is very dog ​​friendly. Your dog can join you in their indoor seating area, and they also sell specialty ice cream and dog treats.

Battery Hay Museum, Hartlepool Battery Hay holds the UK’s only First World War battlefield and the museum houses a range of war artefacts. It’s free to visit (donations welcome) and dog-friendly, including the very friendly Poppy Tea Room.

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

Jarrow Hall is a wonderful Anglo-Saxon museum and country farm/rare breed. Dogs are generally welcome in all areas, but sometimes there must be a restriction if there is an outbreak of disease (the website will advise if this is currently the case). The Hive Cafe next door is also dog friendly.

Dog Friendly Places To Go

Dogs are not allowed in most enclosed areas and buildings in Beamish, but are allowed in enough enclosed areas and areas to make the trip worthwhile. Indoor areas where dogs are generally allowed include:

I thought it was worth adding that dogs are allowed on most public transport, including the subway. Useful if it’s raining and you don’t want to get wet, but you need to go somewhere.

It goes without saying, but when my kids were little, they loved the free field trips (aka pets at home). If you have to leave the house with a small child when the weather is not so good, it is always worth keeping this option in mind. Most pet stores will neuter any visiting dog, and dogs are welcome in most garden centers (although check restrictions in cafes).

Camp Eden in North Yorkshire is dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed on all exhibition stands (of which there are many) and in certain areas of the cafe.

Best Dog Friendly Destinations In Europe

The museum is a former prisoner of war camp and shares diverse and interesting exhibits on all aspects of the war. Some show stands are dark/contain flashing lights, etc., but are clearly posted outside and easy to avoid if your dog is nervous. Read our guide to visiting Camp Eden with dogs here.

The Rydell Folk Museum is close to Camp Eden and you can visit both on the same day. Dogs are welcome in all areas of the museum, including the building. There is no cafe, but there are tearooms and dog-friendly pubs in the village.

The museum celebrates the region’s history with heritage and historic buildings spanning a large period (including the Witches’ Cave), as well as rare breeds of farm animals and a street from the 1950s.

Best Dog Friendly Museums Uk

Dogs are welcome to accompany you on journeys on the North York Moors Railway (except special events and dining cars). Tickets cost £3 and you must keep your dog away from the seats. Last summer we had a wonderful ride on this track with Fozzie.

Dog Friendly Cotswold Attractions

When we lived in the Peak District I was thrilled to see that dogs were welcome at the local aquarium. Fozzie had fun meeting turtles and fish.

Did you know I have an Instagram account dedicated to sharing dog walks? You can follow them here: Northeast Instagram Dog Friendly We love dogs as much as you do, so there’s no reason to leave your furry friend at home. We have lots of dog walking options in our castles, abbeys and historic parks. Scroll down to discover historic places where you can take your pet on a tail-wagging adventure.

Remember: Always keep your dog on a leash when in the field with livestock and clean up after your pet. See specific website pages for details.

Here are our top picks for historic sites across England that we think you and your dog will enjoy.

Dog Friendly London

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