Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed

Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed – Dogs have done terrible damage to my lawn. My lawn used to be covered in dog urine stains from mine and my neighbor’s dogs. Additionally, dogs like to use their scent to mark their territory by picking up grass after going potty. I was horrified to see grass growing in my yard. But now I have found the best grass seed for dogs that can tolerate urine.

Different grasses grow in different climates. Some do best in shade, some need full sun, some do well in drought, and some need lots of water. These developmental needs have subsequently resulted in some grasses doing well in the northern United States and others in the southern United States. Knowing your area will help you choose the best type of grass for your lawn.

Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed

Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed

States highlighted in green are in the Northern Hemisphere and those in yellow are in the Southern Hemisphere.

How To Protect Your Dog From Grass Seeds

Find out where you live on the map above to find out if you are in the northern or southern hemisphere. If you live on the north side of the divide, you want grass seed that does well in the northern temperate zone. Conversely, if you live on the south side of the dividing line, you’ll want southern artificial turf seed.

One technical thing I want to cover briefly before choosing the best type of grass for your lawn is different growth habits. Grass grows in three ways: rhizomatous, stolonic and tufted.

Weeds that grow in clumps are usually easy to get rid of. Simply removing the crown and roots will prevent the weed from coming back. On the other hand, rhizome- or soil-borne weeds are more difficult to get rid of because you have to remove or kill the crown, roots, rhizomes, and stolons to prevent them from coming back. But in keeping with our topic (best grass for dogs), grasses that grow from rhizomes and stolons are generally preferred among pet owners because they can heal dead skin that damages dogs.

I’ve selected the most popular dog breeds in the North and South and put together a comparison chart to help you see the highlights.

Grass Seeds And The Dangers To Your Dog

), has a deep bottom that helps people and pets cope with playing and running. In case of damage, however, it does not heal itself, so the damaged areas must be replanted. To maintain this shape, you’ll want to maintain your lawn in the fall 1-2 months before your average freeze date.

, commonly known as Kentucky bluegrass, has a wonderful blue-green color. Its soft texture makes it a great choice for sleeping or rolling in. After its founding, Kentucky bluegrass spread. If your dog has damaged areas, Kentucky bluegrass can heal quickly thanks to its rhizomes.

If you have unsightly spots from dog urine, you may have a solution. Perennial ryegrass is a type of grass that is resistant to dog urine and does very well in coastal areas. It’s less tolerant of extreme cold than Kentucky bluegrass, so it’s something to keep in mind if you’re this far north. Perennial fescue does not heal on its own and requires replanting. Because it grows quickly, it is also a good choice for reseeding dead areas in your lawn.

Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed

, has a deep root system that spreads quickly. It can quickly recover from animal damage and is resistant to many diseases. Bermudagrass is a commonly used grass on golf courses because it can withstand a lot of foot traffic. However, it requires more care, regular mowing, watering and fertilizing are necessary to keep it healthy. Bermudagrass is salt tolerant, so it is suitable for lawns with pets that struggle with other types of grass due to the salt in their urine.

Is Lawn Fertilizer Safe For Dogs? Uncovering The Green Truth

E centipede has soil drainage and pH requirements (it prefers acidic soil) and can be difficult to establish. But once established, it is flexible and low maintenance. This lawn needs a lot of water, which can help dilute the dog’s urine and prevent those unsightly yellow spots from forming on your lawn. Centipede grows slowly, which means less mowing, and is very soft, so dogs love to run on it.

(also called Korean long grass or Japanese long grass), burns slowly, takes 2-4 years to fully establish. But once installed, it becomes thick and looks like carpet. Unfortunately, it heals slowly when damaged.

Most grasses are planted in spring or fall when temperatures are cooler than summer. Planting at the right time for your location will affect germination and the success of your efforts.

Weed seed bags usually have instructions on when to plant the seeds, what the temperature should be, and how often to water. I used Sunday’s Fescue Rescue grass seed mix to improve my lawn that was left over from some utility work. There are simple step-by-step instructions on the back of the bag. Check out Sunday’s feed schedule and results in the short one-minute video below.

Best Grass For Dogs

Below are average germination rates and temperature requirements for various grasses to show when you can plant grass seed in your area and how long it will take to see growth.

I’m a big fan of Sunday lawn care and pest control products and have seen great results with many of their products. Below are some Sunday grass seed options, but first check the Sunday seed chart to see which grasses are suitable for your area.

Compare the lawn mower options below and choose the right one for you based on its features and uses.

Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed

Not sure which grass to choose? The Sunday Seed Quiz takes the guesswork out of it and tells you which products are best for your lawn. I used it for my lawn and look how easy it is.

Pet Friendly Artificial Grass: Is It Worth It?

First I entered my address and Sunday told me my lot and yard size.

Next, I clicked on the biggest problem I’m currently facing with my LAN. My lawn has pitch stains from dog urine.

My dog ​​went out for a bath and went potty. He doesn’t like being fetched or played with, so I choose “not much” for how often he’s on the lawn. I decided on clover because I like the look of a grass-only lawn. But clover uses pollinators, so it’s good for the environment. I do my best to help pollinators in other ways by planting lots of plants and building bee houses, aviaries and bird feeders.

The last question is about the amount of shade in the yard. My lawn gets a lot of sun, especially in the front yard, so I need a lawn that grows in the sun. After that, the results share a recommended product based on your answers and the specific needs of your yard.

The Best Grass For Pets

Sunday recommends Fescue Rescue grass seed mix, which contains three species of fescue. It works in my northern zone and does well in full sun and light shade. It meets the needs of my lawn and is easy to grow and maintain all summer long. Also, this type of grass, which is not healthy, is suitable for Sunday original products.

One of the biggest lawn frustrations with pets is that dog urine kills grass. While growing grass seed is an option, it requires more work than we prefer because you have to keep the area clear of all traffic and water it regularly to keep the grass seed growing. My dog ​​likes to go outside in the same places to do his business and I don’t want to take him out on a leash every time he wants to go outside.

The Sunday Pet Patch is a game changer for those pesky dog ​​pee spots on my lawn. This is my absolute favorite product from Sunday. This completely turned all the brownish yellow animal urine areas into bright green grass. Nice to see the before and after pictures. In addition, it is easy to use and safe for animals to walk on, unlike growing grass from scratch.

Best Dog Friendly Grass Seed

Sunday gave me many tips for successful weed growth. I want to share them with you so that you can have an easy experience like I did.

Pet Lawn Grass Seed

The entire product range is Sunday-friendly. In 2021 I started using the Sunday Smart Lawn system because I want to avoid harsh chemicals and use things that are related to the health of the world and animals. Every spring I notice significant differences between my lawn and my neighbor’s lawn. Mine is always strong, green and beautiful. They are currently very gray and use professional lawn care services with harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet, animals and people. Sunday’s Lawn Care Review includes details about my experience and before/after photos.

Sunday also offers pesticide products that I started using in 2023. We had a lot of rain which increased the mosquitoes. I am very disappointed as I spend a lot of time with my family and enjoy gardening. Mosquitoes make being outdoors uncomfortable. sunday

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