Dog Friendly Holidays To France

Dog Friendly Holidays To France – The French are famous for their love of dogs. It’s no surprise then that France is a popular destination for dog walkers across the English Channel to the UK and further afield.

However, despite this reputation, France was not the most dog-friendly country we visited in Europe. Your dog is often welcomed by your side when you drink wine or eat at a cafe

Dog Friendly Holidays To France

Dog Friendly Holidays To France

At home, dogs are strictly prohibited (especially in well-kept gardens) or technically prohibited in some places in France (until recently, this included large dogs in the Paris Metro, although even lucky that common sense prevails).

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So if you are traveling to France with your dog, read on to learn the secrets of traveling to France with your dog.

It’s easy to bring your dog to France. For dogs visiting France, the same rules as for dogs traveling to other parts of the European Union (in general you must have a microchip, be vaccinated against rabies and wait at least 21 days). Additionally, an EU pet health certificate or EU Pet Passport is required for those coming from other EU countries, although in the latter case it is usually This is confirmed when crossing the border to France.

Please note that restrictions may apply to certain ‘dangerous’ dog breeds visiting France – please note at the end of this article.

For detailed information on transporting your dog to France, from the UK, US or EU, read our full guide, including transport recommendations. I have also included a comprehensive guide to France to UK ferries and their farms.

Pet Friendly Beaches

In France, most restaurants and cafes allow dogs to accompany guests inside and on the terrace. If you want to eat inside with your dog, ask politely first (unless you see other dogs eating inside). And if it’s sunny or your dog is misbehaving, it’s more common to sit outside on the large terrace.

During three visits to France, our dog was only allowed once: sitting outside (or even inside!) a kebab shop in Strasbourg.

When traveling in France, we often use the inexpensive lunches found in many restaurants throughout the country. Otherwise, at lunch time we buy a delicious baguette sandwich from a nice French restaurant.

Dog Friendly Holidays To France

In addition to the bakeries in the city center, there are large restaurants with parking lots on the outskirts of the cities, which are often the French option for a fast food restaurant! Although most of these bakeries do not allow dogs inside, we have found some exceptions.

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The Boulangeries Feuillette chain has many branches in central France, including the Loire Valley. Although it was more expensive than other boulangeries, it often had outdoor and indoor seating (often complete with couches and fireplaces!), and our dogs were allowed to join us in many branches. It’s a great place for coffee and cake. (Check to see if it’s still there.)

If you go shopping with your dog, it is better to visit the small shops in the streets and on the streets. Some shops allow dogs in France, but not all. Of course, dogs are not allowed in supermarkets.

Like the rest of Europe, France used to be a dog-friendly region, although the situation has improved.

In Paris, small dogs can use all public transport (bus, metro, RER, tram and cable car) for free, but must be carried in a bag or container larger than 45 cm. However, in practice, if they are very small and do not bother, I believe that you can go with them on your lap without a bag.

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Sometimes we’ve taken the subway this way with our dog and we’ve seen other little dogs on their laps and had no problem. Large dogs can only travel on the Metro and RER, not on buses or trams. They must be controlled and controlled, but no longer need a ticket. The full rules can be found here.

As for other cities in France, the rules are different – there is no single answer to the question of whether dogs can be taken on buses in France. In some cities only small dogs are allowed in bags or baskets on public transport. This is set in the rules for Marseille and Lyon (on our visit in 2018). In this case, these puppies go free.

In contrast, there is no such restriction in Bordeaux (only in French), and the rules state that dogs must be kept on a leash or carried in a basket. Large dogs need a ticket, but small dogs on the carrier are free.

Dog Friendly Holidays To France

The rules usually include a requirement that the dog must not cause a disturbance or disturb other passengers. If your dog is classified as a “dangerous” breed (see note above), it will not be allowed on public transport.

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For long-distance trains, the rules are more consistent. Yes, dogs of all sizes can be taken on trains in France, except for Eurostar trains to London. See, for example, SNCF’s pet policy.

Small animals, if they are not bigger than 10 kg, must travel in luggage smaller than 45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm, placed on the lap or charge.

There is a €7 fee for small and large dogs. TGV Lyria, TGV France-Germany, TGV France-Italy, TGV France-Spain and TGV France-Brussels (but not TGV France-Luxembourg and France-Freiburg), which have a higher fare of 20 EUR for large dogs. .

Earlier, most trains used large dogs for 50% of the second class fare, but not anymore. In addition, it should be noted that pets are not allowed to enter the replacement train.

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If you purchased tickets online through a ticketing site that does not offer pet tickets, stop at the ticket counter and purchase an additional ticket for your dog before you depart.

For camping. (My research in 2018 found that 50% of hotels in Nice and 37% of hotels in Paris allow dogs).

If you’re traveling, you’ll find many chain hotels outside of major cities that are affordable, reliable, and dog-friendly. These include the Ibis, B&B and Campanile chains.

Dog Friendly Holidays To France

The price is usually around €50 per night, excluding breakfast, with a fee of around €5-10 per dog. On the other hand, many hotels also accept dogs and are happy to treat them for a fee.

Holiday With The Dog

, including those that can be read through Airbnb, we noticed that linen (sheets and towels) is often not included in the price or has an additional cost for the rental. If you don’t go with towels and washcloths, keep this in mind and pay close attention to the details or you may be surprised at the entrance.

Compared to other European countries, dogs are not often allowed in parks in France, especially in Paris. The last time we lived in an apartment in Paris, there were two parks on the same street – both with clear signs at the entrance saying no dogs!

However, you can find interesting parks, including: in Paris. If you have trouble finding such accommodations, search for accommodations online. Additionally, in January 2019 (since my last visit) many parks in Paris changed their rules to allow dogs. However, dogs must be leashed in these parks and parks with playgrounds are excluded.

Even if your dog doesn’t have a chance to accompany you to visit the Louvre or climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris, there are some great dog friendly options in France that you can visit with your dog. However, we have established that France is a country where you should check the rules for each tourist destination.

Luxury Dog & Pet Friendly Hotels In France

Want to visit a famous castle with your dog? Many people in the Loire Valley allow dogs on their property, and Chenonceau allows puppies inside. However, in Versailles, dogs are not allowed in the official gardens and the same applies to Fontainebleau.

However, note that France is not the best place to visit the beach with your dog, at least during the warmer months. During the summer, from mid-June to the end of September, most beaches do not allow dogs, and some beaches restrict dogs to hours before 8:00 and after 8:00.

To save you the search, I have prepared a list of the best places to visit in France with dogs, covering every corner of the country.

Dog Friendly Holidays To France

A walk along the Seine in Paris is one of the most beautiful walks in the world. From the medieval Île de la Cité (site of Notre Dame) to the park at ul

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