Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone

Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone – When you’re traveling to West Yellowstone with your pet and need to find a pet-friendly hotel, check out this list. Check available hotels and read real reviews from verified guests of these dog-friendly hotels. Check hotel availability and prices for your stay using the hotel search function. When you book your room with , you’re sure to get great deals and a fantastic stay with our Best Price Guarantee. We have 1 pet-friendly hotel in West Yellowstone, featuring a wide range of amenities.

Enter your travel dates to see the best deals on hotel rooms and use our advanced search function to find hotels with the amenities you want. By staying as a One Rewards member, you will also enjoy free Wi-Fi in the hotel. Some of our hotels feature indoor pools, while others offer hot breakfasts, in-room kitchens and spa services. We make it easy to book the right hotel for your trip.

Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone

Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone

Offers 1 pet-friendly hotels in West Yellowstone so you can bring your furry friend with you on your next trip. Search by your preferred hotel amenities to find the best hotels near you in West Yellowstone.

Best Places To Stay In Yellowstone National Park

Our pet-friendly hotels in West Yellowstone offer a variety of pet amenities, including bowls, kennels, treats and more. Check each hotel’s website for details on the area’s pet policy.

All hotels have free Wi-Fi for One Rewards members. Find out more about the One Rewards® loyalty program.

You can get the best rate for your stay by booking directly and becoming a One Award member. One Rewards members earn points that you can redeem for a free hotel night. Furthermore, the hotel offers packages all year round. Check the hotel offers page for the latest offers.

Find the best deals on hotel accommodation in West Yellowstone through hotel deals and discounts available to you. Check the hotel website for details on pet policies.

Traveling With Dogs In Yellowstone

Hotel 1 in West Yellowstone invites you to bring your pet when you stay with us. Book your pet-friendly stay online, then call the front desk to provide your reservation confirmation number and ask them to add your pet to your reservation. Yellowstone National Park was the world’s first national park and is a vast area of ​​pristine geothermal nature. miracles and incredible views.  Yellowstone National Park welcomes millions of visitors every year. Among the visitors there are enthusiastic dog owners who want to experience the beauty of the park together with their four-legged friends.

For many, a trip to Yellowstone isn’t just about witnessing the Old Faithful eruption or freshwater springs, but also about making memories with their best friends. If you are such a traveler, you may want to look for dog shelters in and around parks.

Yellowstone National Park. Yes, you read that correctly. But don’t bring the dog food and rope just yet. While traditional hotel rooms within the park boundaries may not accept pets, Yellowstone offers excellent lodging options that promise comfort and convenience.

Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone

While you won’t find traditional hotels ready to roll out the welcome mat for your dog, there are plenty of lodging options in Yellowstone that have opened their doors to our canine friends. This cabin, surrounded by nature’s bounty, offers an intimate and authentic Yellowstone experience that makes for the perfect cabin vacation. Come explore these pet-friendly accommodations:

Are Dogs Allowed In Yellowstone?

Located near the famous Old Faithful geyser, this cabin is not only for nature lovers but also for those traveling with pets.

A beautiful winter destination, this lodge, open in summer and winter, offers a completely different experience of Yellowstone.

Located near the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River, it offers spectacular views and is one of the park’s main attractions.

It is highly recommended to book these cabins in advance, especially during the peak tourist season. This ensures you get a pet-friendly cabin and avoids last-minute snags in your travel plans.

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For true outdoor enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than camping under the open skies of Yellowstone National Park. And doing it with your faithful canine companion by your side can make the experience even more special. However, as with other accommodations within the park, there are special rules and guidelines for those who choose to camp with their dogs. Here’s everything you need to know:

Camping in Yellowstone with your dog requires extra planning and consideration. However, the benefits of sharing quiet mornings, campfire nights, and the wilderness with your pet are truly unmatched. Remember, a well-prepared trip guarantees you and your dog an unforgettable and safe experience in one of the most fascinating natural landscapes in the world.

For some guests, the allure of the hotel’s amenities and services may overwhelm the charm of a rustic cottage. If you’re relying on standard hotel use, don’t worry. While Yellowstone National Park may not have any dog-friendly hotels, the area surrounding the park is full of options that welcome you and your furry friend. Please check with each hotel for their pet policies. We recommend some dog-friendly hotels near the park area:

Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone

Glamping is cozy camping, usually in high-quality tents with large rooms and communal areas with fire pits and usually a smokehouse in the evening.

Hotels Near Yellowstone National Park For 2024 Vacation

Now that you are accustomed to the comfortable cabin accommodations available for you and your canine companion, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations regarding dogs in Yellowstone National Park. This ensures a safe, fun and responsible tour.

By choosing a hotel outside the park, you will not only have the comforts of a traditional hotel but also a variety of activities and areas that may be more pet-friendly. It’s the perfect combination of exploration and relaxation. Three of our four West Yellowstone lodging options are pet-friendly! It is true; There are only a few pet friendly shelters in the West Yellowstone, MT area, and we are proud to count three of our properties among these unique few. Our pet-friendly options are Explorer Suites at Yellowstone, Gray Wolf Inn & Suites, and Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone. We welcome pets and offer several comfortable, pet-friendly lodging options for your convenience.

The Ridgeline® Resort at Yellowstone, located just outside the north entrance in Gardiner, MT, is also pet friendly. And although the Jim Bridger Explorer Cabin is not open to regular pets, service animals are allowed.

The beautiful Ridgeline Hotel® in Yellowstone is the perfect home base for your entire family, including your dog!

Best Places To Stay In Yellowstone: Camping + Lodges

There are many pet-friendly options at Ridgeline® Resort at Yellowstone and it’s perfectly located at the park’s north entrance for quick access to Mammoth and Lamar Valley.

The Ridgeline Hotel® charges a $50 pet fee per stay. Maximum two pets per room. For more information, please see our pet policy below.

When it comes to pet-friendly accommodations, few hotels match the level of commitment shown at Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone! We offer 29 pet-friendly rooms, some of which are located on the first floor and/or are wheelchair accessible.

Dog Friendly Lodging Yellowstone

Holiday Inn® West Yellowstone charges a pet fee of $25 per night. Maximum two pets per room. For more information, please see our full pet policy below.

Old Faithful Lodge Cabins

The beloved Gray Wolf Inn & Suites is perfect for families, and your four-legged family members are no exception!

There are several pet-friendly Deluxe rooms available at Gray Wolf Inn & Suites with two queen beds. Each is located on the entry level, providing easy access to the outdoors for your convenience.

Gray Wolf Inn & Suites accepts dogs for $25 per day, per room, in our pet-friendly rooms. Maximum two pets per room. For more information, please see our full pet policy below.

Yellowstone’s popular Explorers Cabins offer more than a few pet-friendly cabins; they have an entire CAMP where pets are allowed! Cabins no. 12-22 make up our Camp Colter and are all suitable for pets.

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Each group of cabins has a common area and a common fire pit. As you meet other guests and share stories about the day’s events, your dog can socialize too.

Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone welcomes dogs for $25 per day, per room, in our pet-friendly cabins. Maximum two pets per room. For more information, please see our full pet policy below.

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